Enegis, LLC, is an energy and natural resources consulting firm focusing on innovative, objective analytics, and highly-tailored, data-driven models. We are a goal-directed group comprising a tight, focused staff dedicated to accomplishing meaningful, insightful and careful work. Our approach is to provide our customers with comprehensive and innovative solutions by working collaboratively with them to effect outcomes that are robust, cost-effective and high quality.

Enegis consults in major aspects of the energy industry including exploration, production, environmental mitigation, economics and policy. A unique aspect of our work is an ability to construct dynamic, data-driven, client-guided quantitative Geographic Information Systems (GIS) models to complex client problems. We are also conducting pioneering work in oil and gas, power generation, and carbon sequestration.

Enegis became operational in 2007 following a management buyout from a leading international energy consulting firm. Enegis is a small business and covers the energy industry from oil and gas to coal, to geothermal and biomass; from exploration and production to economics and distribution; and from power generation to the Smart Grid.

Michael Marquis

Map depicts countries in which Enegis staff has worked.