Austin Mathews


Austin Mathews is an Analyst I at Enegis, LLC with an academic background in geology and geographic information systems. His research during graduate school has focused on structural geology and tectonics with an incorporation of digital mapping and geologic methods. During his academic career, his research has resulted in two publications (in progress as of January 2023), as well as multiple awards, honors, and presentations/seminars. Additionally, he has two years of professional energy consulting experience, specifically working with the Department of Energy and Strategic Petroleum Reserve. During his employment, he focused on managing geospatial data related to the petroleum industry, creating engineering designs and cost estimates for new Strategic Petroleum Reserve infrastructure, as well as performing safety and vulnerability assessments of petroleum infrastructure. At Enegis, LLC, he focuses on reservoir characterization and geospatial database development for geologic formations targeted for carbon sequestration and is also contributing to an ambient seismic imaging project of a geothermal reservoir in Oregon.