CCS Cost Supply Curves for Retrofit of the U.S. Fleet of Coal-fired Power Plants

Enegis developed a techno-economic model of coal-fired power plants (CFPPs) in the United States that examines the cost of installing CO2 capture and retrofit technology. The effort comprised the development of an integrated geographic database, and GIS analysis of the fleet of cover 700 coal-fired power units in the U.S. to model the cost and assist in the assessment of the feasibility of retrofitting these plants with CO2 capture (CC) technology. The foundation of the Carbon Capture Model (CCM) is a fully integrated geodataset including plant imagery, transportation and transmission infrastructure, and sequestration opportunities. The CCM comprises programmatically linked databases, GIS map documents, and report spreadsheets that calculate capital expense (CAPEX), operating expense (OPEX), and parasitic load associated with retro-fitted carbon capture technology. The CCM calculates the required size and cost for the various CO2 capture components using an engineering-level study to determine scaling functionality. Costs are adjusted for construction difficulty, water availability, and additional land requirements. Critical to the CCM is an integrated GIS imagery analysis that identifies construction difficulties associated with space constraints and existing plant layout. When published, the report was among NETL’s most requested.


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