Estimation of R&D Benefits and Workshops

In this effort, Enegis assisted the NETL in assessing the benefits from the EPAct Section 999 R&D program. Mandated by Congress, this work provides policy analysis tin light of energy markets.  Inherent in this activity is the collection and forecasting of benefits/metrics associated with the funded oil and gas R&D projects for the Gulf of Mexico for RPSEA (Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America) under the auspice of DOE/NETL.  The work involved the design and development of methodologies and systems required to acquire the monetary and non-monetary benefits of the program and ultimately to convert them to royalty receipts needed for the report to Congress. The effort involved a rigorous peer-review process, which Enegis coordinated through multiple stakeholders to ensure communication enhances the program management and objectives set forth by NETL.