John W. Bebout, Ph. D.

Subject Matter Expert

John Bebout is a veteran with decades of scientific and energy experience. He started his career with the U.S. Geological Survey, where he conducted biostratigraphic research on the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf. He later served in various management positions in the Survey, including Chief, Scientific Projects Staff.

At the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the Department of the Interior he worked closely with Congress to write numerous regulations, including those for known geologic structures, heavy oil royalty rate reductions and stripper property royalty rate reductions.

As Deputy Director of the National Energy Office, John was responsible for the implementation of more than 200 initiatives outlined by National Energy Policy for fossil fuels and renewable energy. John’s final position with the BLM was as National Manager for the Geothermal Program.

John’s work has involved strategic energy sector analyses, economic analyses, benefit analyses, life-cycle assessment, and technical communications and outreach.

John served on the Western Governors Association geothermal task force. His education includes a BS, the University of Florida; MA, State University of New York, and PhD, Pennsylvania State University.