Michael Marquis

Vice President

Michael Marquis designs and implements analytical database and GIS models and solutions. He has 22 years’ experience with GIS.

Michael has created many sophisticated geographic and non-geographic models incorporating programmatic variable alteration, high-count iteration, and dynamic scenario modeling. He has extensive experience with a wide variety of petroleum projects, ranging from exploration and production to downstream market analysis.

He has knowledge of industry standards, operations, and practices. He has on the ground exploration experience in environments ranging from northern Alaska to southern Africa.

Michael is an experienced technical writer and stays abreast of local, national and global energy issues including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, geothermal and renewables. He has been the primary programmer and implementer on large modeling projects for federal agencies involving custom data structures, scenario analysis, high-volume iterations and cross-platform functionality.

He has a BS in geology from The College of William and Mary.